Memphis 38104


Memphis 38104 – The Heart of Midtown Memphis.

We love Memphis, we love Cooper-Young, and we’re proud to live in the 38104 zip code and wear our 38104 gear.

Order your t-shirts and stickers today!  The tshirts are 100% soft cotton and preshrunk. Heidi Knochenhauer is the proud owner and FEO along with Jermaine, Coal, Priscilla, and Johnna.  All creative partners! Every month a 10% donation of profits are given to an animal rescue charity.


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Heidi Knochenhauer – FEO

Heidi Knochenhauer, Fashion Extraordinaire, first moved to Midtown Memphis in 1999.

She can be seen all over Midtown Memphis, Downtown Memphis and of course in Cooper-Young. Heidi loves the blues, cats, chickens and especially loves 38104.
In September each year, come to the Cooper-Young Festival and look for Heidi Knochenhauer’s 38104 Booth located on Young Ave in front of Loudeans dress shop amongst all the artsy types in the Neighborhood.

Fashion Extraordinaire – FAO – Heidi Knochenhauer

Cooper-Young Memphis

They say “Midtown is Memphis” and Cooper-Young is the Heart of Midtown

I Love Cooper-Young!

Cooper-Young Memphis is one of the best communities in the city of Memphis. Full of life, art, diversity, music, food, trees, kids, chickens, dogs and great people all around, definitely one of the best neighborhoods in Memphis to live!!!

Cooper-Young is home to the Cooper-Young Farmers Market, the Young Avenue Deli, the Beauty Shop, Burkes Books, Bar DKDC, Sweetgrass, Cafe Ole, Java Cabana Coffeehouse, very close to Otherlands Coffee shop, Alchemy, Loudeans -Linen Clothing, Jay Etkin’s Gallery, Tsunami, Next Door, Sweet Grass,  Celtic Crossing, First Congo,  URBAN OUTFITTERS and sooooo many more awesome spots to mention.

Memphis38104.com is your source for THE ORGINAL 38104 t-shirts, I Love C Y stickers or other creative t-shirts. Available in short sleeve or tank tops- show the world your favorite zip code with style, from one of the original publishers – Memphis38104.com. We are proud of Cooper-Young, and are proud to live, work and play in 38104.

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